Precision Machine

Instructor: Jason Rye

Mr. Rye has worked in several machine shops over his career as a Machinist, including Metal Component Manufacturers and G&G Steel. He is a certified NIMS machinist and is OSHA-certified. He began teaching at Lamar County School of Technology in 2013.

Mr. Rye completed his Bachelor's Degree in Career Technology Education from Athens State University in 2017.

The Goal of the Precision Machine Class: The precision machine program teaches students to utilize precision measuring instruments, create parts on machine tools, and work with CAD/CAM programs.

Requirements to Enroll in Precision Machine: Any 10th through 12th grade student in the Lamar County School System is eligible to enroll, as well as home-school students who meet the qualifications at their feeder school.

Cost of the Program to Students: Classroom donation: $40.00 Health Insurance is required.

Certificates/Credentials Offered: Upon earning three credits in Precision Machine, a student will earn "completer status". Students in the Precision Machine Class have the opportunity to test to earn nationally recognized NIMS credentials.

Employment Potential: This program prepares students for a range of careers in precision machinery. Many students begin to pursue careers in precision machinery after high school while some continue their education at the college level. Machinists have the potential to earn $15-$50 / hour.

Precision Machine Students
Precision Machine Students